Preserve Rural Sonoma County

Preserve Rural Sonoma County

Preserve Rural Sonoma County works to protect the rural character of Sonoma County from the industrialization of agricultural lands caused by the encroachment of wine and spirits processing complexes/event centers.

PRSC educates, advocates and organizes to protect our families and communities, watersheds and wildlife habitat, addressing traffic safety, noise impacts, infrastructure and other impacts on the quality of life.

Learn more about the proposed Dairyman Winery and Event Center that, if allowed to be built, will destroy the integrity of the community separator that was always intended to provide a greenbelt in this portion of Sonoma County.

PRSC is also active on Facebook.

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  1. Thea Doty

    We need a nice map of location of people with cancer in Sonoma county as red dots, people who have died of cancer in the past ten years as black dots and a map of the vineyards spraying pesticides on the same map in yellow.

    There also should be conclusive information as to how many deer are killed at each vineyard each year and it should be public knowledge, as well as birds etc. I am not anti vineyard, just anti these practices.

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