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Updated Wine List of Sonoma County Wines to Support

This is a working document and we encourage input. Wine and Water Watch is not a certification provider so please use discretion when reviewing this information (see Terms of Use). When this list was first developed in 2016 we attempted to identify wineries using third-party certified organic or biodynamic vineyards first, followed by those receiving an “Honorable Mention”. We understand that the definition of organic certification has been watered down by Big Ag and that certified wines may be only a small fraction of some wineries output. However, we support the wineries that are trying to protect the environment and do the right thing by the communities they inhabit.

Certified Organic & Bio Dynamic Wines of Sonoma County
Benzinger Just sold, has been biodynamic
Cline Cellars Organic
Cotourri Winery Organic, biodynamic
DeLoach Biodynamic
Emtu Estates CCOF organic, DRY FARMED
Frog’s Leap Organic and DRY FARMED
Hawley Vineyards Organic
Horse & Plow OrganicLittorai  Biodynamic
Marimar Torres Organic and biodynamic
Montemaggiore Organic
Preston of Dry Creek Lou Preston, organic
Porter Bass Biodynamic
Porter Creek Biodynamic
Puma Springs Organic
Quivira Biodynamic and organic
Sky Saddle Organic
Stone Edge Farm Organic
Truett Hurst Winery Biodynamic
Wild Hog Dry farmed, organic HONORABLE MENTION
Battaglini Reds/dry farmed, org practices
Bucklin Old Hill Ranch/Dry farmed ancient vines, org practices
Dominus Estate/Dry farmed cabernet, Petit Verdot & Cabernet FrancDry Creek Vineyards/dry farmed Beeson Ranch ZinfandelEmery Estate Wine Organic /biodynamic practices

Fredricks Vineyard/dry farmed Zinfandel
Freeman Winery Organic /biodynamic practices
Grebennikoff Vineyards Organic /biodynamic practices
Hartford Family Wines Organic /biodynamic practices
Moon Mountain Organic/biodynamic practices
Mc Quown Winery Organic/biodynamic practices

Olcese Vineyards/dry farmed Pinto Noir

Russian River Vineyards/dry farmed estate Pinot Noir & cabernet

Shayneh Vista Winery Organic/biodynamic practices

Smith-Madrone VIneyards/dry farmed Cabernet, Chardonnay/Reisling

Stony Hill Vineyards/dry farmed

Wine Guerilla/old vines, all dry farmed



  1. I’d like to suggest a few revisions to this list.

    Ridge Vineyards is by far the largest organic vineyard owner in Sonoma County. While they are not 100% organic just quite yet, they deserve to be recognized for this accomplishment and patronized. Their Geyserville Zin and East Bench Zin are both organically grrown (certified vines).

    I really caution you against putting uncertified vineyards on this list. YOu really do not know what they are doing.

    The wines within a winery often vary hugely between conventional and organic grapes. For instance, only 7 percent of Benziger’s wines are organic/biodynamic and these are its most expensive wines.

    If you’re looking for a winery to support that has the most affordable organically grown wines, I suggest Horse and Plow.

    Hartford is NOT organic. Cline is not certified. By McQuown, I think you mean Stone Edge.

    It is ILLEGAL to say that you are organic if you are not certified. (It’s a federal law and you can report anyone in violation of it to the CDFA and they will contact the winery and ask them to refrain from using the O word.) It’s also illegal to say you are Biodynamic if you are not Demeter certified. (Trademark). Many violators have been found who say they are BD but are not.

  2. In addition, only ESTATE wines are many of these wineries are organic. ESTATE wines at Porter Creek, ESTATE wines at DeLoach (less than 1% of their wine is from organic vines), ESTATE wines from Hawley, ESTATE wines from only one portion of Quivira are from BD vines (the majority of their wines are not organic or BD, but they DO label so you can tell the difference (on the back of the bottle).

    Also you left out Martorana…and Lasseter (everywthing except white wine) and Amapola Creek (all estate wines and Chardonnay) and Hamel and Laurel Glen (estate wine only).

    Littorai is not organic. They say they are on their 3 acre estate vineyard but they are not certified. Except for Mays Canyon, all of the other vineyards they source from use fungicides and herbicides and are not organic.

    Preston is now organic AND biodynamic.

    And when it comes to wine, organic certification has NOT been watered down by big ag, since big ag doesn’t really care about wine. Organic certification is great!

    • Janus Matthes


      Pam, we usually update the list and check to be sure they are still certified by a third party. We have not updated the list this year and would greatly appreciate a new list and we will give you credit. Will this be sufficient? They must be certified as you suggested. This is getting complicated with all the mergers. We all thank you for this work as we know it takes alot of time. Have you tried to do an app for cell phones? Sutro Media started this a few years ago and never published. Big thanks and appreciation, WWW

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