Napa County has highest cancer rates for children…..Sonoma not far behind…

Napa County has highest cancer rates for children

Napa County has the highest cancer rate for children in California according to statistics.  Childhood deaths from cancer are 22.8 deaths per 100,000 people. Sonoma doesn’t fare much better at 20.6 childhood deaths per 100,000 children. For adults, normal cancer rates are 424.94 deaths statewide per 100,000 people. Napa county rates second in the state with 488.9 deaths and Sonoma at 463.62 deaths per 100,000.

With growing evidence of links to popular pesticides to cancer, leukemia, kidney disease, Parkinson’s , infertility and more, why did the California Legislature not make AB289 mandatory instead of voluntary in our counties? That law is called the School Protection Zone Act, meant to protect our children from being poisoned by drift from pesticide use. Only three counties have enacted this much needed law, San Bernadino and Santa Barbara for starters.  Santa Barbara extended the legislation to day care, hospitals, elder care and nursing homes.  The California Department of Pesticide Regulation reported that Napa used 50,416 pounds of glyphosate in 2013 with Sonoma at a whopping 84.606 pounds.  All pesticide use in Sonoma in 2013 was 2,172,032 pounds and in Napa 1,259,700.


It is time for both Napa and Sonoma County to mandate this law and protect the children from high cancer rates. Flint Michigan has their problem unfolding with lead in the water poisoning the entire population but the most severely hit are the children. Governor Snyder will probably be removed from office in shame. If your supervisor doesn’t support this, maybe it is time to vote for some who will protect the population. Ask them where they stand after all it is election season. When is profit more important than a healthy child?

If you want to take action, Watertrough Children’s Alliance (WCA), a group of young parents determined to safeguard their children while at school has been trying to get AB289 enacted but as there are many schools next to vineyards, in Sonoma County there is NO political will. The group has been fighting in court and their case is now in appeal. They are the only ones trying to protect children from excessive and dangerous pesticide use. WCA recently held a Grange event in conjunction with the Sierra Club and professional researchers to discuss the dangers of glyphosate (Round-up) as a fund raiser for their appeal. If you would like to donate to the cause, visit their website at: .


    • Janus Matthes


      We have been “colonized” by corporations to accept destruction of the environment and illness caused by that as “progress”. In 1818 the country had only 20 chartered corporations because they had to have community benefit to be chartered. The wine/tourism industry has lower paying jobs and are the first to crash in economic downturns and the last to recover. See our “binge tourism” to find a partial list of what we pay for it. 96% of all our food in Sonoma County is imported, hardly an “agriculture” county.

  1. Anthony

    I’d suggest a guerrilla campaign to place signs along roads at vineyards who spray herbicides so the tourists see them;
    “We use herbicides, enjoy our wines!”

  2. Randy

    I hate wine. Only drunks drink it. And yet, somehow it’s been elevated to make the drunks think they are not drunks, they are simply “sophisticated wine drinkers.”
    I remember the term “wino” from a long time ago. We used to call those drunks who only drank wine to get drunk: “winos.” They were usually older men, with trench coats and living by railroad tracks.

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