Pam Strayer Oct. 21st, 1-3pm

Wine & Water Watch Is Proud to Present Pam Strayer

Oct. 21st,  1-3 pm Sebastopol Center for the Arts

282 So. High St., Sebastopol,  Fireside Room

What’s on those vines?

Want to be an informed consumer and support a healthy environment in Sonoma County? Health information and wine expert Pam Strayer will present a guide to using publicly available information to see what vineyard pesticides are being used in Sonoma. She’ll also present information on how to support Sonoma’s best organic and biodynamic producers.


You’ll find out what is being applied to vineyards in your area and by whom. 

We will look at data collected by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation at the local level and use maps from the California Dept. of Public Health’s Agricultural Pesticide Mapping Tool to see which chemicals of concern are being used near you. (Chemicals of concern include carcinogens, neurotoxins, bird and bee toxins and developmental and reproductive toxins.) These maps show us:

-How Gallo sprayed large amounts of the toxic chlorpyrifos (which the EPA recently tried to ban) out at Two Rock


  • -That five Sonoma vineyard management companies are among the very few remaining users in the state of the highly toxic fungicide Mancozeb, another nearly banned substance.

  •   (
  • -That “certified sustainable” wineries have not stopped using the worst chemicals (since there are no chemical restrictions in  Sonoma’s “sustainability” standards).

  •   (see our website for more articles on Pam)

Drink the change you want to see in the world!

We will also talk about solutions and how to support family friendly farming in Sonoma by supporting Sonoma’s organic vineyards and the wines that come from them. Come get a free list of the wineries to appreciate and support.

Bio: Pam is a leading specialist on American organic and biodynamic vineyards. A wine writer today (for Wines & Vines, Beverage Media and more), Pam was previously an editor in chief of major health web sites including Healthcentral with Dr. Dean Edell and genetics channels on WebMD. She has worked with environmental groups including David Brower’s Earth Island Institute and Huey Johnson’s Resource Renewal Institute. Her blog “Organic Wines Uncorked” is at



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