Neighbors organize in Petaluma: “No Pot on Purvine”. The County’s next Cannabis Advisory Meeting has been moved to Tuesday, November 7th.

We’ve been busy.

Our first meeting had an incredible turnout despite the widespread fires. Since then, our steering committee has been busily building a website, refining our legal strategy, and laying the foundation for future endorsements. In the meantime, Petaluma Hills Farm has been scrambling to do damage control. Their haphazardly-built animal rescue center was eventually shut down after animal control responded to calls of inadequate resources.

We’re ahead on this issue, now let’s keep our momentum.

Important Updates:

  • There’s still time to SPEAK UP! The County’s next Cannabis Advisory Meeting has been moved to Tuesday, November 7th.
Sonoma County’s Cannabis Advisory Committee wants public input!

Where: Hearing Room, Permit & Resource Management Department, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
When: (New Date) Tuesday, November 7th, 3:00-5:00pm
  • Take a stance. Lawn Signs promoting our group are now available. Reserve your sign today!
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  • Check out our website.Looking for a way to spread the word to the greater Petaluma community? Want to donate? Stay abreast of recent developments and upcoming events by checking out our website! Find us or click on the link below!
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Have you received this invitation?

As part of their publicity campaign, Petaluma Hills Farm is hosting a “Neighbor Day” on Nov. 4th. We know that free fried chicken is tempting, but our lawyer has advised us NOT to attend (or even RSVP) and instead use this opportunity to showcase our widespread opposition by displaying our lawn signs. All members: Remember to BOYCOTT the BBQ!
Lawn signs should be prominently displayed on your property no later than November 3rd. 
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