SAVE THE DATE: Pam Strayer, leading specialist on American wines from organic and biodynamic vineyards and consumer health March 24th

Wine & Water Watch Proudly Presents Pam Strayer

March 24th, 1-3 pm Sebastopol Center for the Arts

What’s on those vines? Drink the change you want to see in the world.


Want to be an informed consumer and support a healthy environment in Sonoma County? Pam Strayer will present a guide to using publicly available information to see what pesticides are used in wine country, and more.


Pam (after moderating a Demeter winemakers panel) with Demeter USA Board Member Fred Kirschenmann at SHED Healdsburg

You’ll find out what is being applied to vineyards in your area and by whom. 

We will look at data collected by the state pesticide use report and mapped by the state department of public health. The chemicals applied on wine grapes include carcinogens, neurotoxins, bird and bee toxins and developmental and reproductive toxins.


We will also talk about solutions and how to support family friendly farming in Sonoma to grow local support for the organic community.


Pam is in the process of publishing an ebook on organic and biodynamic wines in Sonoma and Napa counties. There will be abbreviated wine lists from this ebook for attendees.


Bio: Pam is a leading specialist on American organic and biodynamic vineyards. Pam is the author and publisher of 7 apps as well as new websites for consumers. She is a well known speaker, certified sommelier and environmental journalist winning the prestigious New England Press Association Award. Pam consults with environmental groups including David Brower and Huey Johnson’s Resource Renewal Institute. She has produced dozens of films for Apple, PBS, Turner, the Dalai Lama, Jerry Garcia and the UN.



This map shows the various chemicals classified as carcinogens.

March 24th, 1-3pm                                                                                            

Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Fireside Room

282 South High St.

Sebastopol, Ca. 707-829-4797

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