Alternatives to Roundup

As we advocate for the ban on glyphosate, here are some alternatives that are cheaper, do not destroy the environment, damage your health nor support a company that would rather bury the truth about health effects than do what is right for your children and family.

The following are 2 recipes that are good alternatives to glyphosate. They are cheaper and may require spraying twice but aren’t destroying your health or that of the environment. Please tell us about your experiences and if you have other non-toxic solution for our environment.

Vinegar / Orange Oil Weed Be Gone

(from Kathy Tresch)


20% vinegar

orange oil

Dawn dish soap (the blue stuff)


To make a gallon:

About 80% vinegar

20% orange oil

1 cup Dawn


Apply mid day when leaves are dry and air is warm.


Vinegar / Epsom Salt Weed Be Gone

(from Sonoma Beekeepers Group)



1 gallon 10% vinegar

2 cups Epsom Salt

¼ cup Dawn dish soap


Mix and spray weeds early in the day for best effect. Wear Goggles and Gloves before handling vinegar and remember, that this mixture is deadly for amphibians like frogs, lizards and salamanders if you get any spray on them, so check your weeds before you start spraying this stuff.

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  1. kasuyamariko

    I have been appreciatively following this website and reading Robert”s books for many years, and this is the single most unfortunate thing I have ever seen him involved with. Please note that everything in Paul Driessen”s article is about glyphosate and cancer. Now note that 99% of the massive case against glyphosate”s health dangers to humans has nothing to do with cancer. I suggest readers try googling glyphosate health and similar combinations and follow some of the leads carefully. Though the final verdict may not be in yet, an objective reader will soon begin to learn about some of the really huge issues at stake. A massive experiment on humans” health is currently being conducted due to glyphosate and the preliminary results are looking very ugly indeed. Forget the cancer red herring.

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