From our friends at Preserve Rural Sonoma County:

Good afternoon,
In responding to complaints from the BOS office today, we decided to remove the link section of our petition that sent letters to the BOS office, as they had received over 360 letters as of today and their system was overwhelmed. However, we are continuing the petition drive, as we need to collect at least another 600 signatures to have a respectable showing of 1,000 names. I’ve changed our message on Facebook as below, and entered a new link so that it only goes to the petition. This will not impact the supervisors’ email whatsoever, as we plan to deliver the petition to them at a meeting within the next month when we feel we have sufficient signatures.
We need your help sending out this updated note below to your lists again and post on your Facebook page if you do FB. Folks need a reminder sometimes, and this is a very quick version of the issue.
Thanks for your help.


Worsening traffic, deteriorating road safety, three million pounds of toxic pesticides sprayed annually on vineyards. These are just a few of the issues that have put Sonoma County’s quality of life at risk. Sign this petition to let the Board of Supervisors know we want them to STOP issuing permits for more winery event centers and tasting room modifications until they pass the Winery Event Ordinance they promised us back in 2016.

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