Do you have forested property in Sonoma County you want to sell for conservation?

Do you have forested property in Sonoma County you want to sell for conservation?

Grant Johnson is looking for a parcel with second growth redwood forest to purchase and conserve.  See his message in the string below.  Grant is a professional photographer who has done nature work for years including fantastic pictures he provided for use in promoting the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area (now the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument).  If anyone knows of a threatened parcel in need of a conservation buyer, please let him know.  Thanks very much. See below.

Thanks for passing my work along to interested parties, I’ve received acknowledgement from Ariel and Caitlin Cornwall.

I wanted to let you know that I’m selling my commercial property in San Francisco and want to become a conservation buyer of redwood property.  I was in negotiation to purchase a 260 acre timber ranch near Mendocino which just failed to complete, so I’m still looking.  I’ve been in touch with both Sonoma and Mendocino county Land Trusts.  Steve Miller of the Mendocino Land Trust has been sending me prospects.  I’m looking for a ranch property with good second growth redwood forest and some riparian ecosystem (old growth would be most desirable but very hard to find).  I’ve got $3-4M to spend and I want to be able to live on the property. If you hear of anything that might qualify please keep me in mind.

I looked at Felta Creek but the owner is asking way too much and the forest is just marginal, no old growth and small second growth.

Thanks, Grant


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