Environmental Working Group and Ben & Jerry’s take stand against Farm Bill HR2

Here is an easy way to make your voice count. It’s time to act! Click here to urge your representative to protect our health and our environment. Vote no on the proposed farm bill!

Dear consumer,

The way your food is grown matters.

That’s why at Ben and Jerry’s we choose to source our ingredients responsibly. We reduce our impact on mother earth and bring you delicious, wholesome ice cream you can feel good about eating. Just maybe not the whole pint.

We understand our responsibility to preserve our soil, water and air for future generations. But not everyone feels this way. Corporate mega-farms and pesticide industry giants, like Monsanto, have been putting their profits before people for years and they’re about to get a blank check to keep on polluting.

This week the House of Representatives will vote on the farm bill, a massive piece of legislation that oversees our food system. But the proposed bill guts environmental protections and expands loopholes that allow Big Ag giants to stuff their pockets with taxpayer dollars, while doing nothing to help feed hungry families.

We need to stop this bill in its tracks, but we may only have hours left to convince our representatives to stand up for healthy food, not Big Ag’s profits.

Please, join me and EWG Action Fund in the fight to stand up to Big Ag and help hungry families. Click here to tell your representative to vote no on H.R. 2!

I co-founded Ben and Jerry’s 40 years ago. Since then we’ve won fights big and small. One thing I’ve learned is your voice matters and it can make a big difference.

We need your voice now more than ever if we’re going to protect our environment and fight for healthy families. Just look at what’s at stake:

  • Safe drinking water. This bill strips away clean water protections, allowing farmers to spray pesticides directly into drinking water supplies.
  • Animal welfare protections. The King amendment preempts states from taking action to safeguard animal welfare.
  • Aid for hungry families. Under this bill more than 2 million low-income Americans, including children, would lose their food-assistance benefits.

This disastrous bill is moving forward quickly and we’re running out of time to stop it.

It’s time to act! Click here to urge your representative to protect our health and our environment. Vote no on the proposed farm bill!

Thanks for speaking out,

Jerry Greenfield
Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry’s


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