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CAG Update on Working Forest Management Plan

Hello Forestry Supporters We finally got a decision from the Court (after our early May trial – which went really well) – which I will summarize – below (court decision -available on request A BIG  THANK YOU !!!!!  to those…


Sonoma County organic and partially organic wine

Sonoma County tries to tell residents and tourists they are “sustainable”. They are not. You can read Pam Strayer’s “What’s on those Vines” exposing the widespread pesticide use. Using wine industry “certifiers” and self assessment, there is little transparency, We have…


Earth’s dismal water future, mapped

Declining groundwater quality and subsiding land are signals that the aquifers are being pushed past their tipping point. Earth’s dismal water future, mapped By Jay Famiglietti Jun 10, 2018 | 4:05 AM Satellite data and images are provocative, even disturbing….