Sonoma County General Plan timeline update

Please consider being part of this process. This will set policy for the next 20 years.

Sonoma County General Plan timeline update

FYI … despite earlier timelines – the fires, cannabis, and housing have taken attention from the General Plan Update.  Currently, this is what we know ….

The “Work Plan” that will go to the Board in September is the Comprehensive Planning Division’s work plan, not a work plan for the GP Update. The Board study session in October would be an overview of what General Plans are, and new legal requirements, with the state office of planning and research – it is not a scoping or planning session. Permit Sonoma staff would not get to the point of scoping the general plan update until early 2019, and it will take several months to go through the RFP process so the actual update will not begin until funding year 19/20.

It is anticipated that the update will take 3 years, but at this point it’s just a guess because the scope of the effort is unknown.  The Board will be directing the scope and timing .. with public input (plan on being involved in this!)

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