August 2018 Archives

Earth Wins a Round in EPA Court Battle

“ In July, the EPA amended the rule to allow states and the EPA to suspend groundwater monitoring requirements at coal-ash sites if it’s determined there’s no potential for pollutants to move into some aquifers. The rule was the first signed…


Sierra Club: Help Stop Needless Logging

Help Stop Needless Logging Save our Forests from Needless Logging This 30-inch diameter tree is over 100 years old.   The forestry industry is always pushing for less regulation  – and now with fires burning, the state legislature is eager to comply….


Opinion in Press Democrat: Winery Moratorium

EDITOR: In 2016, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors recognized the need for a definition of “winery events” and for guidelines for areas of the county where wineries and tasting rooms are most concentrated. The board is now scheduled to…