Don Williams for Calistoga City Council launch party

Dear Supporters of Calistoga,

Thank you for your encouragement in recent years.  Besides addressing important topics like water and the fairgrounds, I’m interested in maintaining Calistoga values—a small town, uncrowded hospitality, sustainability, an unpretentious quality of life.  Many of us have already advocated for them over the years by letters to editors or public comments.  But those efforts are frustrated and the values vulnerable if the city council decides otherwise.  The votes on the council make the difference.  That’s why I’m a candidate for this office—to secure a vote and uphold the values we share.

I hope you will join me at a party to launch this campaign, on Saturday August 11, at 59 View Road, at 6:00 p.m.  We’ll talk about some of these issues, and ways you can help get me elected as your representative on November 6.  The attachment to this email has more information about how you can assist.  The Calistoga we appreciate will disappear without your participation.

(On Saturday, I’ll provide some seating and refreshments.  If you want to bring a folding chair or additional food or beverages, please feel free to do so.)

If you’d like to contribute funds to this effort, send your donation ($200 max) to:  Friends of Donald Williams, P.O. Box 273, Calistoga, CA 94515.  Your donations will go towards publicity for getting me and our point of view a place on the council.

Meanwhile, in the coming months I’ll go door to door to visit every voter in town, listening to their concerns and learning how to be a good representative for us Calistogans.

Thank you for your ideas, support, and encouragement.  I look forward to seeing you on August 11.  If you know others who share our interests, please let me know and I’ll invite them too.




Responsive, Balanced, Experienced: Vote for the One you want.

Donald Williams for City Council

I very much appreciate your support in my campaign to represent you on the council. On the council I’ll hear and respect your ideas. I’ll be responsive to Calistogans’ wishes and participate in their goals. If you value our small town, and a balanced and experienced perspective, and want to preserve what’s special about Calistoga, here’s

       How You Can Help

  • Post a “Donald Williams for City Council” sign in your front yard.
  • Host a Meet-&-Greet. Invite friends and neighbors to your house where I can meet them and learn their interests and concerns.
  • Add your name to my list of endorsers. Just let me know.
  • Write letters to the Weekly Calistogan and the Calistoga Tribune (, (
  • Canvass a neighborhood or street. Go door-to-door explaining why you as a local think my election would benefit Calistoga. I have some campaign handouts for you to leave at homes.
  • Contribute money for our campaign. The maximum amount I’m accepting is $200. Send it to: Friends of Donald Williams, P.O. Box 273, Calistoga, CA 94515.
  • Phone, email, Facebook people you know. Forward them any emails or literature that comes from my campaign. Let them know why you think my election would benefit Calistoga.
  • Set up a table with campaign handouts in a public place (e.g. grocery store, post office, farmers’ market).
  • Help with tasks, e.g. typing, phone calls, mailers, research, etc.
  • Please—contact me with your own ideas regarding the campaign or local Calistoga affairs. I want to hear them. Phone: 479-8660 Email:

Donald Williams
59 View Road
Calistoga, CA 94515

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