No Gas Station Next to a Preschool in Petaluma, CA

No Gas Station Next to a Preschool in Petaluma, CA

Safeway wants to put in a 16 pump gas station next to a preschool, an elemetary school, softball fields, a park, and homes.  The pollution and traffic this will expose our children to is unacceptable.  We are hoping by speaking out, we can convince Petaluma City Council to deny the permit to build.

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Reasons for signing

Linda Hartrich·2 weeks ago
I’m signing because this is a terrible location for a 16-pump toxic gas station…..right next to schools!
Erin Chmielewski·2 weeks ago
Know that other community members and organizations are also against this and are ready to fight this: North Bay Organizing Project Petaluma and Dr. Dennis Pocekay City Council Candidate (and long time Petaluma resident).
Zahyra Garcia·2 weeks ago
The safety of our children for health reasons as well as when crossing busy streets are a concern. Traffic is already horrendous. Place the gas station elsewhere.


  1. linda driscoll

    I feel this would be a mistake to have gas station near safeway because shelterless people will hang out there and they will be drinking,cause more problems,and traffic,put it elsewhere!!

  2. Denise Kramer

    The shopping center that is already in place at this corner already attracts an enormous amount of traffic and clientele. Should we ask Safeway to move because this traffic is next to a pre-school? What about the newly renovated area two stores down from Safeway? Should we ask them not to open? And all the other shops there in the Washington Square area? Should they be closed down and moved elesewhere? Oh, and what about the apartment complex that was recently built behind Safeway where there was previously run-down warehouses? I mean, really! It’ directly across from a baseball field where children play and a block away from the pre-school! There are hundreds of people living there. I’m sure they cause a lot of traffic, too. If this was a Monsanto plant or something like that being built, I might think this petition had some merit, but it’s not. It’s a gas station. Currently I drive to Santa Rosa or Novato to get Safeway gas, taking my money and tax dollars away from Petaluma. I’d rather spend it here at home.

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