Requested GSA Basins for Sonoma County

Groundwater Basin Boundary Changes Requested

The following Basin Boundary Modifications related to Sonoma County groundwater basins have been submitted to California Department of Water Resources:
  • The Sonoma Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency submitted a request to modify the basin boundaries to be contiguous with the Sonoma-Napa county line.
  • The City of Sebastopol and three neighboring mutual water companies (Fircrest, Belmont Terrace and Kelly) submitted a request to change the boundary between the Santa Rosa Plain and Wilson Grove Formation Highlands basins so that the City and water company jurisdictional areas are solely within the Santa Rosa Plain basin.
  • The City of Petaluma submitted a request to modify the boundary between the Petaluma Valley and Wilson Grove Formation Highlands basins so that the City jurisdictional areas only overlie a single groundwater basin (the Petaluma Valley basin).
  • The County of Marin submitted a request to modify the Sand Point basin to the Marin-Sonoma county line such that the Wilson Grove Formation Highlands basin no longer extends into Marin County.

All of the submissions can be viewed  at Comments can be made at the same location.

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