Resources on cannabis issues for Sonoma County and other jurisdictions from SOS Save our Neighborhoods

Got something to say about this issue? SOS Save our Neighborhoods website is a treasure trove of information.

Contact Information for elected officials:

Sonoma County Supervisors

Susan Gorin, District 1:
District Director:

David Rabbitt, District 2:
District Director:

Shirlee Zane, District 3:
District Director:

James Gore, District 4:
District Director:

Lynda Hopkins District 5:
District Director:

Address all Sonoma County Supervisors

Or use the Sonoma County Supervisors Contact Form page

Other Sonoma County Officials

Sheryl Bratton, County Administrator:

Sita Kuteira, Deputy County Counsel for Cannabis:

Tennis Wick, PRMD Director:

Permit Resource Management Department (PRMD)
Mail letters to:

Permit Resource Management Department
2550 Ventura Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA, 95403

Susan Gorin and Lynda Hopkins as listed above
Mail letters to:

575 Administration Drive, Room 100 A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Sonoma County Informational Links:

Final Cannabis Ordinance with Attachments (Ord 6189)(PDF: 1.2 MB)

Final Cannabis Land Use Table(PDF: 223 kB)

Sonoma County Cannabis Program

Sonoma County Cannabis Rules and Ordinances

Sonoma County Policy Paper on Cultivation in Rural Residential Areas

Sonoma County Zoning Map Viewer

Petaluma Dairy Belt Area Plan

There are a couple sites on the County where you can look up parcels/properties to get some information.  You can look up by the parcel’s APN or address and get basic info.  You can review a property by address or APN for it’s permit history.  It will show all recorded violations and current status.

Other jurisdictions Links:

Cannabis Law By County:

These laws are in flux and this may not reflect latest regulations

What are the marijuana laws in your California city? Explore our database of local cannabis policies

Here’s a look at what’s legal and what’s not when it comes to marijuana in California cities.

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