Indivisble Actions: March recess begins in T-3 days! Find an event near you →


This Saturday is the beginning of March congressional recess! That means that from March 16 until March 24, your members of Congress are back on your home turf, hosting town halls, attending public events, spending time in their district offices.

And it’s YOUR chance to show up in person, ask the hard questions, and get them on the record on the issues you care about from the Green New Deal and Medicare For All, to stopping endless war and lowering prescription drug prices (and more!). Find everything you need this March recess on our Spring into Offense hub here.

This March recess is a little different from past recesses and all that defense we played. Because of all your tireless work to build the blue wave this past November, we now have more members of Congress (MoCs) championing and fighting for bold, progressive values. Not to mention that we have a whole new set of offensive tactics that we can use to hold our MoCs accountable to their words, like demanding they co-sponsor big, visionary legislation and urging them to use their oversight authority to hold the Trump administration accountable.

Find a recess event near you

Whether it’s a town hall, an Indivisible-organized district office visit, or a missing member event — Indivisibles all over the country are getting ready to put their offense skills to the test!

Remember: showing up in person during recess is key to making our movement’s voice heard. Demanding your MoC’s attention and disrupting their preferred narrative is an effective way to draw attention to your concerns and influence their decision-making in the public eye.

Indivisible Sonoma County Out-of-District Meeting

When: Monday, March 18, 6:00 PM
Where: Steele Avenue Community Center, Santa Rosa, CA

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