Save Our Sonoma neighborhoods: NO POT ON PURVINE – CALL FOR HELP

(Community Public Announcement) 


Graton, Please share with No Pot on Purvine or with Phoebe any knowledge you have of the BZA commissioners and plan to attend the hearing on the 11th of April. Phoebe’s address is and No Pot on Purvine is

Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 3:41 PM

Dear Comrades,

Wine and Water Watch Team

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

My heart really does burn as I write to all of you, probably because I was (magically) hoping that the 334 Purvine Road CUP wouldn’t make it to hearing, and certainly not this soon. In spite of our strong, high profile community opposition to the project and ongoing lawsuit against their illegal growing and illegal cannabis tours/promotional events (against which the judge just placed a preliminary injunction, agreeing with all our arguments), an unexpected opening in the BZA schedule recently and somehow miraculously opened up and Permit Sonoma decided to slot the 334 Purvine Road CUP right in there… never mind that we were last month told by the planner that their application would not come up for hearing for at least 4-6 months. Seems having Gavin Newsom as your friend just might be helpful in putting pressure on the county???

The county just keeps kicking all of us repeatedly in the stomach, which annoys the snot out of us and makes us want to fight back even harder.

So fight we are and fight we will. They don’t call us the Posse for nothing. As you know, we have had a top notch land use attorney in Kevin Block on board with us from our earliest days, so we have a game plan in place. Just so little time to execute!

I know Ayn has already put out a plea to all of you to attend the hearing in support of us and in opposition to the project. We will have more on that to follow, but in the meantime, we could use your help with the following:


Here is the slate of planners who will hear the application.

Pamela Davis, Chair, District 5

Greg Carr, District 1

Larry Reed, District 2

Paula Cook, District 3

Cameron Mauritson, District 4

Unfortunately our district 1 planner, Todd Tamura, is not on rotation.

Please send us anything and everything you know about the planners on rotation. We are trying asap to meet with all of them “onsite” before the hearing, but we need to run recon on them and do our homework.

Please also include any tips/advice/you name it on dealing with the planners in preparation for the hearing.

If you’d rather just reply to me only and not the whole group, that’s fine. Whatever suits you.

More to come, gonna have to do this piecemeal. We’re scrambling…

Thanks as always,


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