SB 67 – Proposed Legislation to Extend Temporary Licenses

SB 67 – Proposed Legislation to Extend Temporary Licenses

California’s marijuana industry needs an intervention to …

Just 52 full annual licenses have been issued by all California state agencies, McGuire said. … industry in California, said that the failure to pass SB 67, with a clause to make it retroactive …


Senator McGuire has a bill (SB 67) to extend the temporary licenses for cannabis growing, manufacturing, etc.  The bill appears to impact the temporary licensing procedures for CDFA (CalCannabis), the Bureau of Cannabis Control and the Dept. of Public Health…but, based on a Sac Bee article, it sounds like it’s mostly to help cultivators.  The Sac Bee said the Administration has not yet taken a position on the bill.


Attached the bill and policy committee analysis…which passed the bill.  At some point it will be heard in Senate Appropriations.  If it passes that committee, then it’s on to a floor vote in the Senate.  If it passes there, then it will go the Assembly to be heard by the appropriate committees and then to a floor vote.  The bill has an urgency clause…so that means it will take effect as soon as the Governor signs the bill.  The bill will require a 2/3rds vote of each house.

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