Update from Rural Home Alliance: March 14th GSA Board Meeting

(Public Announcement)

FYI, Thursday 3/14 GSA Board Meeting at 1:00 PM, They MAY RATIFY the FEE STRUCTURE, or “methodology”

Dear Stewards,
This is an informational communication. There is a meeting of the GSA Board of Directors, Thurs at 1 PM at the Santa Rosa Utilities Office 35 Stony Point Road near West College Avenue, which is across from the Finley Center at Stony Point and College.
Why this is important, and why you may want to attend and make comments to the Board is this: They are considering approval of the FEE METHODOLOGY. This is a step toward adopting and imposing the fees we have been discussing. They will also consider approving the mandatory WELL REGISTRATION PROGRAM, and the ORDINANCE which would require participation, at least per our understanding.
These are agenda items, action items 7F and 7G. Here are the links for more information.
Board Meeting (new date!)
March 14 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
City of Santa Rosa Utilities Field Office
35 Stony Point Road
Santa Rosa, 95401
7. Action Items
f.  Rate and Fee Study. Consider approval for fee option methodology.
g.  Groundwater User Registration Program and Draft Ordinance. Review and provide
feedback for registration program elements and draft ordinance framework.
If you are able, please attend this meeting. And don’t be afraid to step up to the microphone and express your views to the Board. By attending you will gain insights into what is going on. And more importantly you will be able to provide input DIRECTLY to the decision makers.
The “well tax” based on an assumed 0.50 acre-feet of water use for homeowners is an integral part of this “fee methodology” agenda item.
We hope that many can attend. A delay in the approval of this flawed fee “methodology” and consideration of alternatives is what some of us will be asking for.
Thank you all much for your time and consideration.

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