Email the Sonoma County Planning Commission – Tell Them to Vote YES on SCENIC LANDSCAPES

Email the Sonoma County Planning Commission –

Sonoma County Planning Commission Meeting:

Thursday, May 16th at 1:20PM
PRMD Hearing Room
2550 Ventura Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

The County of Sonoma has proposed General Plan and Zoning Code Amendments to designate various parcels as Scenic Landscape Unit and apply the SR combining district to properties in hillside areas surrounding Cloverdale and Healdsburg, Franz Valley, Knights Valley: PRMD File No. PLP16-0006 

The proposed project applies the Scenic Landscape Unit land use designation to approximately 3,108 parcels and rezones them to apply the Scenic Resources (SR) combining district The Scenic Landscape Unit designation is proposed to be removed from highway right-of-way property. The Scenic Landscape Unit designation applies criteria for new development to avoid ridgelines, minifize new grading, tree removal. outdoor lighting. substantially screen structures from public view, and use building materials and colors that blend with the natural landscape. New subdivisions would be subject to additional design standards to preserve scenic resources. The SR combining district implements the Scenic Landscape Unit, with new development subject to Design Review permit approval to demonstrate conformance with the development criteria. 

  • The public hearing is on Thursday, May 16th, 2019, at 1:20PM at the Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department Hearing Room, 2550 Ventura Avenue. Santa Rosa, CA 95403 



EMAIL Planning Commissioners to tell them to:

VOTE YES! on the Scenic Landscape Unit Designation!

John Lowry, Chair, District 5:

Commissioner Richard Fogg, District 1:

Commissioner Todd Tamura, District 2:

Commissioner Komron Shahhosseini, District 3:

Commissioner Ariel Kelley, District 4:

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