Daily Kos: Trump ratchets up the corruption. Finalists to host 2020 G7 summit include Trump golf resort

Rather than saying “it would be too flagrantly corrupt even for you and your administration to mix your private business with your public office to this degree,” apparently people in the Trump administration are going right along, at least to the point of putting the Trump property on the list of finalists for a major international diplomatic event.” This is Trump’s America.”

Trump ratchets up the corruption: Finalists to host 2020 G7 summit include Trump golf resort

Jul 22, 2019 7:28am PDT by Laura Clawson, Daily Kos Staff

Donald Trump is getting bolder than ever in his efforts to profit off of the presidency. His Trump National Doral is one of the finalists to host next year’s G7 summit, Axios reports.

The Doral is a major resort that’s been one of Trump’s biggest moneymakers, but profits have dropped significantly since he made the Trump name so toxic. The resort even lost a major golf tournament it had previously hosted because sponsors withdrew from the association with Donald. But he’s been pushing the idea of hosting the G7 at the property, with the attendant direct business from hosting it and the rush of publicity.

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