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Kokopelli’s last boysenberry harvest? Support local organic farmers


Kokopelli Farm’s boysenberry season has started. They have been grown with artisan, holistic, permacultural, regenerative, organic, and sustainable practices. We are now accepting orders for this and coming weeks.

Current prices vary from $41 to $52 for a 12-basket flat, depending on whether we pick or U-Pick and how many flats you order. We also sell by the half flat, but not by the basket. I have already been test tasting the raspberries, which we may have enough to pick by the end of June or early July, perhaps into Sept.

The best way to make an order is to call us at 707-829-8185 after 7 a.m. and before 9 p.m. Please leave a detailed message regarding when you want to pick them up or

Dr Shepherd Bliss, local organic food farmer and social equity activist. Dr. Bliss is also Sergeant of Arms for Sebastopol Grange.

U-Pick and how many you want. We start picking at sun-up and pick only in the morning. We prefer that people pick their orders up during the morning or early afternoon, when possible. We are located slightly south of Sebastopol, up from Hard Core Coffee.

We may also need to hire more pickers, since this may be our biggest crop in 27 years of farming. If you know anyone who might be interested in being paid to pick, have them send me an email and I will send them a list of 15 benefits for picking berries, including cash on the day of picking, free apples and plums, camp out spaces, and fertile ground for them to plant organic food. Some mature teens make excellent pickers. It is part-time morning work only.

Please spread the word. The harvest only lasts about 5-6 weeks. Then we will have blackberries and raspberries later in the summer. Shepherd

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