Update: New date for 4603 Westside appeal: AUGUST 20TH



In 2017, County officials denied the winery at 4603 Westside because it creates a traffic/safety hazard. On August 20th the Board of Supervisors will decide either to uphold the denial or approve the Napa-based developer’s Appeal.

Westside Road one of favorite scenic routes for biking through the County. (Alvin Jornada / The Press Democrat)

Please take action NOW:
1) Write a brief email to all Supervisors (Copy updated email list with cc’s below)

2) Mark Your Calendars to Attend the August 20 Hearing @ 3:00 pm –
Supervisors Chambers: 575 Administration Dr, Santa Rosa

LET THE COUNTY KNOW – EMAILS Matter – County actually counts them:

  • Request the Board of Supervisors uphold the BZA denial of the proposed project at 4603 Westside Road (reference PLP14-0031)


  • It is unacceptable for our Supervisors to approve a project that creates a road safety hazard and impacts wells (See WCA letter for key points)


  • Napa based developer proposes 2 adjacent wineries with shared water system (MacRostie). Driveway near sharp curve creates traffic/safety hazard. Vegetation removal is ineffective and wastes taxpayer dollars.

High Accident Incidence at curve north of 4603 Westside*: 11 accidents, one fatality, since 1994 — with TWO since project denial! (See Road Safety Concerns and Speeding Report below)

Enough is Enough:  Six new tasting rooms are under construction near the animal shelter bringing Westside Area to 33 approved tasting rooms.

BZA voted 5-0 to deny the project – July 6, 2017 Resolution found:
“This Project’s establishment of the 30th permitted winery with operational traffic, tasting room traffic and event traffic, on a portion of Westside Road with existing traffic constraints, in concert with existing and proposed Westside Road winery traffic, will result in a traffic and public safety hazard.”

Before August 20 Email or Write all Supervisors, BZA members and County Staff (copy list below) so your views are included in the hearing packet.

To: SusanGorin@sonoma-county.org, David.Rabbitt@sonoma-county.org, Shirlee.Zane@sonoma-county.orgLynda.Hopkins@sonoma-county.orgdistrict4@sonoma-county.org

CC BZA and Staff
: sonomafogg@aol.com, Todd.Tamura@gmail.com, arielkelley707@gmail.com, Komron@oakmontsl.com,, p.davis479@gmail.com, Tennis.wick@sonoma-county.org, traci.tesconi@sonoma-county.org, gary@landlogistics.com, brian@landlogistics.com   

* Project Background: The new project proposes tasting rooms, a 10,000-case winery and significant hospitality uses, including tasting/daily food pairing for 139 – 200 guests per day, a total of 37 promotional and industry wide event days for up to 150 people, and 84 parking spaces.

Traffic Safety Concerns: Many of us drive through this curve at more than 35 mph and know, just as the BZA found, this project will create a safety hazard that cannot be mitigated simply by widening the road at the entrance and occasionally trimming trees as there is a hillside blocking the sight distance. Repeatedly, the WCA and its members have requested the County address speeding concerns, and prepared a Key Points Summary of the Governors Highway Safety Report. Full report can be downloaded from this link:  https://www.ghsa.org/resources/Speeding19


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