Call to Action – Please take action and please share!

Call to Action – Please take action and please share!

Call to Action: Tell the City of Cotati to ban synthetic pesticides.

Cotati City Council will discuss pesticide use on August 13th, 7pm, at City Hall (201 W. Sierra Ave). Come show your support for toxic free public spaces.

Many cities and schools in Sonoma County have made the choice to protect public health by banning the use of synthetic pesticides like RoundUP/glyphosate. Sonoma County Agencies banned all synthetic weedkillers on publicly accessible, County-owned land in June 2019.

The City of Cotati still uses three toxic products (Lesco Triclopyr, Ranger Pro/glyphosate, and Turf Royal) on city-owned land like parks and pathways for routine, cosmetic, weed control and lawn care. These chemicals have been linked to endocrine disruption (e.g. early puberty onset), kidney/liver damage, cancer, reproductive and birth issues, groundwater contamination, and are toxic to fish (reference: The City also contracts with Terminix for monthly insecticide applications. Though the city is required by law to keep data on what pesticides are used when and where, Cotati has not been doing this. It’s time for a change!

Please help us by writing emails and showing up at the council meeting. It doesn’t matter where you live, pesticide use in public spaces effects us all.

1. Email city leadership and tell them to ban synthetic pesticides.

City Manager: Damien O’Bid , 707- 665-3622

John Dell’Osso –

Susan Harvey –

Mark Landman –

John Moore –

Wendy Skillman –

2. Show up on August 13th and tell City Council that you want Cotati to ban all synthetic pesticides. This is the most powerful thing you can do.

For more information on Sonoma County Conservation Action’s Toxic Free Future campaign visit:

carcinogens used in Sonoma County per California Dept. Of Pesticide Regulations.

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