Napa: Going up against PG&E’s destruction


“Out-of-state contractors with no knowledge of local protections and procedures see this is a “gold rush” (their words) for work on PG&E’s clock (our payroll).”

In Napa, PGE’s efforts at fire suppression and powerline clearing are questionably causing more trouble than good. PG&E “extreme” line clearing violates Conn Creek, destroying stream bed, creating more fire danger than potential suppression.
Kellie Anderson exposes a broken system in chaos.

Do you know Kellie Anderson?
If you don’t, you should. She is always on duty, protecting creeks, trees, wildlife, the forest, and watershed. She has vigilantly tracked down code violations and reported them to the county code enforcement team. Fair, far-sighted, and thorough, she has documented some of the worst violations this county has seen. As a resident of Angwin on Howell Mountain, Kellie sees many things right next to her home.

Now, she has witnessed PG&E’s damaging, chaotic work that county supervisors, code enforcement and local agencies have ignored as it unfolds. Among PGE’s calamitous doings are included needless decimation of forest, creek destruction and hillside ruin that will lead to erosion in the coming rains. She’s written to friends, her district supervisor and Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, but the carnage hasn’t stopped yet. Click here to read the entire article in Eyes on Napa:

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