Public Letters to the County

Protecting Rural Areas response from Victor Sund

Coastal wineries EDITOR: I agree with Kirsten Cutler (“Protecting rural areas,” Letters, Oct. 12). Our coastal hills need stronger protection from industrial enterprises such as wineries in areas where roads are too small, water too scarce and the environment too…


Fred Allebach to Supervisors: “I encourage you to not approve the Dry Creek winery expansion ….”

-the whole county is keyed up to conserve water during a 500 year drought and to permit a 25,000 case winery sends the wrong message to a citizenry hoping their efforts will count; more and more wineries mean citizens are effectively subsidizing wine expansion by their conservation measures; many hope to be saving water to benefit stream ecosystems and higher groundwater levels.

-no new large wineries should be allowed until Groundwater Sustainability Agencies have been formed…