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Eating Out: A Date With Glyphosate

Eating Out: A Date With Glyphosate Tests show glyphosate is prevalent in restaurant food (Download the White Paper Here. Download combined WP and Test Chart Here. Choose landscape orientation for printing.) Inside restaurant foods Please share this with your family…


Got Asthma?

This just in from Napa Vision 2050: “Last week we shot these photos of vineyard burning, a threat to health in our Napa Valley. Just look at the particles flowing up-valley from this burn going to the California Veteran’s Home….


List of California Wines Containing Arsenic

http://deadstate.org/heres-a-complete-list-of-the-wine-brands-that-have-been-poisoning-you-with-arsenic/  Sky Palma, DeadState.org, March 21, 2015 In previous posts on this website, we discussed the class-action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that took Big Wine to task for high levels of inorganic arsenic found in 83 wines…