“Wineries attitude toward concerned county residents………is out of line.”

Preignac-wine_3455478bSubject: Wineries attitude toward concerned county residents


Dear Mr. Wick,

Thanks for your efforts, and our hoped for efforts by our elected Supervisors, to set limits on winery expansion and winery demands in Sonoma County.  We just read that Napa voters are resisting more of the same in that county.  So, the mean-spirited comments from our local wine industry toward  any criticisms from Sonoma County citizens is out of line and ignores the huge impacts from grape and wine production, no matter what county.

We oppose the “new direction” of wineries  now demanding to operate with an open limit on the cumulative “events” which they can hold.  What happened to decades of wine profits from wine sales?

Please represent the majority of us who support agriculture, but not endless expansion of wineries,  and the now expected events.  That is unsustainable and the backlash to this trend in both Sonoma and Napa Counties should be a priority for county staff and our Supervisors.

In appreciation,

Warren and Janis Watkins