California Coastal Commission trip to Morro Bay sign up info

jenner coastIf you love our coast and want to stop oil/gas and big real estate developers from weakening rules to allow development on our pristine coast, please consider taking the bus down to Morro Bay with other coastal lovers and stop the attempted ouster of Chairman Lester who has led the way to protect the coast for everyone and future generations. There are several articles on this site to get you up to speed on the back door process that has had light shed on these maneuvers to open our coast.

Please sign up if you can make it down to Morro Bay on February 9th for the meeting the following day. If you can’t come, consider sending someone else or write letters.

 For folks who signed up at the original ACT Coastal page for transportation and plan on carpooling can get gas cards from Surfrider for $75 to help with costs.    Their website has been updated to make it more obvious to folks that those who want to take a bus should sign up at the EAC site.
Folks who used this site originally to sign up and are interested in the bus from a Marin location should (just to be sure and get in on EAC offer of accommodations) sign up (even again if necessary) at their EAC website
We are booking a block of 15 rooms (double occupancy) for the first 30 activists that sign up.
I hope this helps … and remember to do this soon, since 30 beds will go fast.

If you are attending, plan to stay at least until mid-afternoon.  Arrive early to get a speaker slip turned in.

Please help spread the word amongst your distribution lists/websites and make sure that you sign the form in the link to secure a spot on the bus and accommodations for the night before the hearing.  Signing the form also helps us to have a headcount and decide on meet-up locations where there will be parking. Surfrider has also blocked off rooms in Morro Bay at the Motel 6. This is going to be one heck of a field trip!