Opinion: The Summit of Temerity

The local Sonoma Index-Tribune paper (owned by the PD) printed this extremely well written Letter to the Editor after the Belden Barns BOS vote. The Editor also nailed the title to this published letter, “The summit of temerity” !

Note that Knights Valley appeal hearing was postponed last minute after clear violations of the General Plan, Wappo artifacts disturbed without tribe notification and other issues surfaced after the Supervisors approved this bad project. Mike McGuire also was attended the event.  Susan Gorin, many thanks for your wisdom and selfless action to stand against the other supervisors on your vote. For more information, see our website.


Definition temerity:

  1. excessive confidence or boldness; audacity.
  2. audacity, nerve, effrontery, impudence, cheek, gall, presumption, daring, chutzpah

The summit of temerity

EDITOR: As a subscriber to the Index-Tribune, I appreciate your coverage of a growing county-wide concern (“Disputed ‘Farmstead’ Comes to Supervisors,” Nov. 15). Christian Kallen’s right-to-the-source investigating supports transparency in government.

Supervisor James Gore minimizes his participation and endorsement of an illegal 400 person widely-advertised event held in Knights Valley. He states he was merely “invited.” As organizer and featured speaker representing the County, and Board Member of the foundation set up as beneficiary of the $1,495-per-person Harvest Summit, the Supervisor was instrumental to the event.

Supervisor Gore’s suggestion that the Knights Valley property that hosted Harvest Summit 2016 lacks only a “special events” permit, is quite an understatement. The event facilities, commercial kitchen, conference hall and tasting room were not approved and not legal uses under a Williamson Act contract. The code violations, lack of inspection and water quality permit indicate a woeful absence of County oversight.

Tuesday’s 4-1 vote approving the winery and event center component of the Belden Barns “farmstead” on the dangerous Sonoma Mountain Road (“Sonoma’s ‘Worst Road’ Gets a Winery,” Nov. 18), shows only Supervisor Susan Gorin is supporting public safety and resource management among our elected representatives. The rest must be drunk on their “$13.4 billion industry” and have thrown health, safety and welfare out the window.

Jaime Zukowski