Bounty of the forest floor

The Magc Of The Forest Floor!
The Magic of the Forest Floor.

Our long awaited rains have arrived and have awakened the amazing bio-diverse life in the earth..

Hello Napa Vision 2050 supporters,

With a break in our wet weather, we wanted to share some terrific images of the unseen world beneath our feet!
Mushrooms are a kind of flower or fruit of fungi.  Fungi purify the soil, compost decaying matter, and pass messages between trees–  a forest internet system. One 2200 year old fungi system in eastern Oregon continuously covered 2400 acres until logging roads cut through it. 

Mushrooms remind us there is an unseen world beneath our feet, a world that appears like magic with the rains and includes a workhorse which keeps life healthy and in balance. Perhaps mushrooms also remind us that our survival is dependent on our connections with each other, however unseen.

Thank you for your support of Napa Vision 2050, together, we can protect the health, welfare and safety of our communities by advocating for responsible planning to insure sustainability of the finite resources of Napa County.