List of California Wines Containing Arsenic  Sky Palma,, March 21, 2015

In previous posts on this website, we discussed the class-action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that took Big Wine to task for high levels of inorganic arsenic found in 83 wines (Doris Charles Et Al VS The Wine Group Et Al, Case Number BC 576061) . Until recently, we were unable to post the names of those wines.

Although the case was dismissed (attorneys state they are appealing), the fact remains that the EPA has classified inorganic arsenic as a human carcinogen. The plaintiffs asserted in their complaints that “just a glass or two of these arsenic-contaminated wines a day over time could result in dangerous arsenic toxicity to the consumer.” Long-term exposure to high levels of inorganic arsenic have been linked to higher rates of     skin, bladder and lung cancer.

Here’s the entire list: