Year of the Tourist?

Year of the Tourists?

EDITOR: So the Board of Supervisors has declared 2017 the “Year of the Senior” (“A friendlier place to age,” Tuesday). I am well into my dotage, but I would prefer a “Year of the Residents” in which planning and accommodations for Sonoma County residents would be a priority.

All residents means children, adults, retirees, workers, families, singles, wildlife, farm animals, farmers, town dwellers. So far it seems to me that tourists have been the priority for the supervisors. More event centers, restaurants and upscale malls, more hotels — all resulting in low-paying jobs and higher housing costs.

It’s either a whirlpool or a tornado, but it’s a disaster either way economics-wise. A “Year of the Hoi Polloi” might be a nice touch for 2018.