Year of the Tourist?

Supervisors do you hear the populace yet? Almost daily citizens are complaining about poor land use decisions made by the Supervisor’s allowing our neighborhoods to become collateral damage to big wine and binge tourism. People are complaining about lack of service businesses that cater to residents, stores turning into tourism based businesses, neighborhoods are getting hollowed out due to vacation rentals  resulting in fragmented communities. Housing becomes an investment instead of a home, unaffordable high rents due to lack of housing available,. Families are fractured, children forced to move out of area for affordable housing. Meanwhile roads deteriorate, people move to back roads to avoid traffic congestions and the list goes on.   

We need better land use policies where industrial uses are centered with infrastructure that can handle the crowds.


Thursday’s Letters to the Editor

Becoming NAPA

EDITOR: Padi Selwyn points out that roads throughout Sonoma County weren’t built to cope with the tremendous increase in traffic (“More is not sustainable,” Letters, Sunday). We moved to Oakmont eight years ago, and it is noticeable every day that the traffic increase is not only causing congestion, but there seems to be an accident every week on Highway 12. And still more wineries and related events are being proposed. Can we find a way to avoid being “Napa-ized” before we ruin the beauty of Sonoma County?


                                                                              Santa Rosa