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ACTION ALERT: Stop AB 947 & AB 907 attack by special interests on our watersheds

“Napafication” gained steam when the definition of agriculture included marketing and now the county is in gridlock, loss of most of their watersheds.  Now the Farm Bureau (supports)and special interests are at it again. This time they are going back to try and pass bills that effect our watersheds and how they are managed. These resources belong to  everyone not just big ag (insert viticulture here) users. Please stop this legislation attempt to further undermine watersheds health and the people and wildlife that depend on these class 3 and 4 waterways.

Please Take Action –  By calling, writing, or e-mailing your Assembly representative and State Senator now.

Oppose AB 947 Gallagher


AB 947 would alter California Department of Fish and Wildlife 1600 permitting authority on all streams that did not support aquatic life (Class III and Class IV water courses).

Class III and Class IV watercourse comprise the  greater area of any watershed.  Currently alteration of these watercourses requires review and permitting by CDFW – with responsibility to maintain aquatic, plant, and water rights public trust resources. Loss of CDFW authority to protect these resources would be devastating for all water courses in the State – including downstream Flow effects.

AB 907  would change  CDFW permitting authority by changing the definition of how water course constituents are defined , the definition used in CDFW 1600 permitting, by using the California Code of Regulations definition – which does not consider Class III and Class IV streams watercourses (or limits inclusion of these water courses under CDFW permitting).

The history on this topic is that the Farm Bureau, and other groups, lost litigation challenging CDFW 1600 authority. Thus, if you change the law – you can have a different result. Napa people, your watersheds are being destroyed, please act now, you really need to call!

The Bill is now in Appropriations, timing is critical.

Please Call the Appropriation Committee – Chair Ms. Gonzalaez – Fletcher 1- 916-319-2081 and state a position of oppose.

Sonoma contact info:

Contact Jim Wood – Assembly

50 “D” Street, Suite 450
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Tel: (707) 576-2526
Fax: (707) 576-2297

Senator Mike McGuire
Santa Rosa Office:
50 D St., Suite #120A
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: 707-576-2771

Mike’s email address: