GSA public meetings notice from County of Sonoma

April Update!  Important Information on Upcoming Boards and Council Meetings
Thank you to everyone who attended one of the recent community meetings. In total, about 400 people came to one of the three meetings held in Petaluma, Sonoma and Santa Rosa. A summary of questions and comments will soon be posted   At the meetings, we announced that local boards and councils will soon be making final decisions on whether to join the mandated, new Groundwater Sustainability Agencies. A list of the public meeting dates is below, along with locations and times and a link that will allow you to find the agenda. (It’s important to double check the agenda a couple of days before the meeting to ensure that the item hasn’t been postponed or moved to a different date.)


April 11 7 p.m. North Bay Water District Schell-Vista Fire Station, 22950 Broadway, Sonoma PV, SV  
April 18 6 p.m. City of Sebastopol 425 Morris Street, Sebastopol SRP
April 19 6 p.m. Town of Windsor 9291 Old Redwood Hwy, Bldg. 400 SRP
April 20 3:30 p.m. Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District 2776 Sullivan Rd., Sebastopol SRP
April 25 7 p.m. City of Cotati 201 West Sierra Ave., Cotati SRP
April 25 5 p.m. City of Rohnert Park 130 Avram Ave., Rohnert Park SRP
April 25 8:30 a.m. County of Sonoma 575 Administration Dr. Santa Rosa All
April 25 8:30 a.m. Sonoma County Water Agency 575 Administration Dr. Santa Rosa All
April 27 9 a.m. Sonoma Resource Conservation District 1221 Farmers Ln., Suite F, Santa Rosa All
May 1 6 p.m. City of Sonoma 177 First St. West, Sonoma SV
May 2 7 p.m. City of Petaluma 11 English St., Petaluma PV
May 2 6:30 p.m. Valley of the Moon Water District 19039 Bay Street, El Verano SV
May 2 City of Santa Rosa 100 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa SRP

*PV= Petaluma Valley; SV=Sonoma Valley; SRP= Santa Rosa Plain