Will Parrish email update

Will Parrish has left the area to focus on more of his great investigative journalism. Here is a bulletin from Will. We wish you continued success where ever you go.

Shadowproof, May 18, 2017: The Federal Government Is Trying to Imprison These Six Water Protectors

In February, a federal grand jury issued indictments of four Standing Rock water protectors on charges of Federal Civil Disorder and Use of Fire to Commit a Federal Crime.
The federal investigators accused the four men—James White, Brennan Nastacio, Dion Ortiz, and Brandon Miller-Castillo—of involvement in setting three highway barricades on fire, which obstructed police during a highly-militarized October 27 raid of the “Front Line Camp” just north of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.
Another water protector, Michael Markus, was indicted on identical charges on January 24, and his case has been combined with those of the other four men. Prosecutors are also pursuing three federal felonies against a 38-year-old Oglala Sioux woman named Red Fawn Fallis. They accuse her of firing a gun during her arrest, even as multiple police officers had her pinned face-down on the ground. Fallis’ arrest also occurred on October 27.
These cases likely mark the first time that United States authorities have pursued felonies against individuals involved in demonstrations against fossil fuel infrastructure. All six people facing the charges are indigenous. Continue reading @ Shadowproof… >>

East Bay Express Seven Days Blog, April 18:

State Air Resources Board Supports Proposal to Block Increased Bay Area Tar Sands Refining with Jean Tepperman
The California Air Resources Board has announced support for a proposal that would block the increasing use of Alberta tar sands and other extra-polluting crude oil at the Bay Area’s five major oil refineries.
This proposed Bay Area Air Quality Management District limits, known as Rule 12-16, would likely make the Bay Area the first place in the world to limit oil refineries’ overall pollution levels. It would enforce caps on the refineries’ greenhouse gas and particulate matter emissions, based on July 2016 levels. Continue reading @ East Bay Express…