What a great way to do something positive for future generations. Bring a bag and go out for a walk….

From our friends at California Native Plan Society



Recently, I wrote you about the devastating fires we’ve experienced in northern California. The resultant deluge of questions, personal stories, and information was incredible, and overwhelming. It’s gratifying that CNPS is seen as a resource by people seeking advice on helping their land and their friends recover, and I wanted to share with you one simple but urgent way you can make a difference right now. And no, this is not a fundraising letter.

We need to gather acorns! Perhaps it’s an omen, but this is an incredible mast year and oaks are producing a historic crop of acorns. They can be the basis of robust recovery but the window to act is closing fast. The acorns have fallen and we have just days to gather them before they dry and die. CNPSers in Sonoma County are leading the effort and have collected from a number of sites, but they need more and now have asked for our help. As many people as possible need to gather acorns that we will then share with partner orgs, grow to provide seedlings to preserves and the public, and ensure the blessing of abundance is a boon for recovery.

Valley Oaks

This is something fun that everyone can do to help, so please share this information far and wide –the more the merrier!

Here’s How To Get Started

Please follow the link above to complete a form and receive immediate instructions on how to gather acorns appropriately, and where to send your harvest.

More information will come, as acorns are cleaned, potted, and when we come together and plant. For now, just get out and enjoy the harvest! Gather a gang of friends, tell a stranger. Have fun saving oaks while you also build public awareness of the need for us to care for nature, and perhaps even grow a positive story of resilience that we all need.

Thank you for joining in an effort uniquely suited to our Society, that can make a difference for years to come…


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