Plea for housing for first responders, can you help?

Also just in from WWW Board member:

FYI: I went to coast yesterday to help. There are more than 100 migrant families sleeping at Bodega Dunes and Doran. They have been brought sleeping bags, tents, air mattresses and tons of clothes. Bodega Bay Grange and Chancelor Horse Ranch is where they come for meals and clothes etc. Help is needed. I do not have a phone # to call. We just drove out there and went where we were needed. Going again today.



Please forward to anyone who may be able to help. This is from Healdsburg’s vice mayor, Brigette Mansell who teaches in S.R. She is writing specifically to Healdsburg residents but maybe you or people you know have a granny unit you can rent out to someone who is suddenly homeless.

Looking for rentals for Santa Rosa City School teachers

Dear Healdsburg city/community members/ my neighbors: I am seeking housing support for vItal members of our town’s “first responders,” including our children’s teachers. Perhaps second homeowners would consider renting their vacant/second home in our town?

Almost 3,000 housing units were lost in the Santa Rosa city fire. How can we help? More specifically: at least 40 of my Santa Rosa City School teaching colleagues have lost their Santa Rosa houses and need to relocate and stabilize so they can get back to their classrooms and teach our children. Back to school means back to a predictable, normal, healthy routine. Schools need teachers. Please respond if you have a home in Healdsburg to rent, temporarily, to a public school teacher.