Sonoma, Napa, Lake County & Mendocino burns

We are all busy helping our neighbors, families and animals cope with the devastation we are going through right now. Air water tankers have been trapped at airports due to low visibility off and on and everyone here knows more than one or two people who have lost everything, been evacuated and have not a clue what will be left when they return. The fires continue to grow to everyone’s amazement. Wine & Water Watch has 4 board members evacuated, we are all in this together.

Local news stations and even the San Francisco Chronicle are giving great coverage of the wineries that have been damaged or burnt down. Really unbalanced coverage as not many have had that issue according to that site. Meanwhile the human/animal suffering, major loss of life and livelihood is way more important than a few wealthy winery owners. TV stations have reported people frantic to find out if their French Laundry reservations will be honored. Unbelievable.

Drought and many years of over pumping our water resources which dries out the soil and stresses the vegetation, channelization/drying up of so many streams due to water diversion (Russian Riverkeepers has documented over 1,100 illegal water diversions from the Russian River)  threatened even more vegetation.  There are alot of factors that have contributed to the firestorm including deforestation, destruction of water recharge areas and watershed, filling of wetlands for vineyard planting.

Monday following this start of this fire, our current administration gutted clean air protections for the nation to appease the small and outdated, dying  coal industry. Ironic that climate change is impacting us so heavily and that decision by pro coal and fossil fuels special interests are throwing fuel on the fire for the entire planet.

Bless us all and be safe. Thank you all for your thoughts and best wishes. Together we can make a better world as we rebuild.