Internet neutrality under attack…time to act is now!

From Senator Kamala Harris:

This week we learned that the FCC is moving forward to repeal net neutrality rules that protect our free and open internet.

As I said in my letter to the FCC just a few months ago: this proposal is a grave threat to the idea that the internet should be free and accessible for all. It’s a danger to our economy and free speech rights and we must defeat it.

The final version of these rules was introduced yesterday, with a final vote planned in December. We have to mobilize NOW to save the internet:

Add your name to mine if you agree that we need to protect and expand the internet so that everyone in America — regardless of how much money they make or where they live — can access the internet >>

SIGN THE PETITIONMore than 700,000 Californians  —  and more than 8 million Americans  —  have already submitted comments in response to the FCC’s misguided proposal, including myself. Our message has been clear: broadband providers must not be allowed to tilt the playing field by blocking or throttling their competitors, prioritizing their offerings, or otherwise unreasonably interfering with lawful content.

The basic principle of Net Neutrality is that access to all websites and web services should be treated equally — that anyone can start their own website and make it accessible to anyone with internet access.

What the FCC wants to do is empower broadband service provides — the gatekeepers of the internet — to potentially distort the online marketplace and set up a pay-for-play system. This would be a terrible mistake that would hurt the most vulnerable and voiceless and among us. It will imperil our economy while reducing innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

I have confidence that if enough of us come together in the next several weeks, we can make our voices and save the internet. That’s why I’m asking you to add your name to my petition today:

Sign on if you agree: the free and open internet is a cornerstone of our society and must be protected at all costs. Urge the members of the FCC to vote down these new rules and save the internet >>

Fifty years ago, California researchers invented the internet — and today, engineers, entrepreneurs, and artists continue to invent the future both in my state and around the country.

Let’s not roll back our progress. Help us fight back today and save the free and open internet.

Thanks for all you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

The internet belongs to all of us. It is a utility and a necessity to most everyone in this country. The proposed new roll backs for protecting the internet are undemocratic, pro big business and just plan un-American. Huge internet companies will have the ability to censor what you see and also make it nearly impossible to have fair and balanced searches. If you have money you’ll get the exposure. If not too bad. Many industry spokesman’s claim it will stifle innovation and creativity, exposure to new and exciting ideas. This is just wrong!

We hope you are able to take part in nation wide protesting this big corporate give away. The day of action is December 7th at your local Verizon store. Verizon and Comcast have been said to have written the new regulations themselves…… just say NO. Call your representatives NOW.


Yesterday FCC Chair Ajit Pai finally released his plan to kill net neutrality. Sign here to fight back and help save the internet.

He thought by announcing his plan right before Thanksgiving, internet users wouldn’t notice. But in the past 24 hours alone, we’ve driven in a record-shattering 200,000 phone calls to Congress calling on them to step in and stop Pai’s plan.

Now we need to keep up the pressure. Congress is feeling the heat on this issue like never before. We have three weeks before the FCC is scheduled to vote on Pai’s plan to kill the internet as we know it. We saw with the healthcare fight that when ordinary Americans pull out all the stops and don’t let up, we can force Congress to stop policies that harm our communities.

Click here right away to tell your member of Congress: Stop the Trump FCC’s attack on net neutrality!

Kurt Walters

No beating around the bush here, I’ve got bad news.It would be a disaster. Net neutrality rules are what protect the free and open internet, by stopping Big Cable companies like Comcast and Verizon from blocking, censoring, or controlling what we see and do online.


Click here to send an email to Congress. Tell your Rep to stop the Trump FCC’s attack on net neutrality!

But I’ve got some good news, too: We’re hearing that key lawmakers in Congress are considering taking action to slow down the FCC’s assault on the internet.

But we know from experience that Congress will only act if they hear their constituents demanding it – we need to send in a flood of emails from constituents telling them to stand up and save net neutrality.

Click here to send an email to Congress. Tell your Rep to stop the Trump FCC’s attack on net neutrality!