Help Mike Stop Oil Drilling in California, deadline for comments Feb. 8th

From our State Senator Mike McGuire:

Dear Neighbor,

Yesterday, President Donald Trump started the ball rolling on his dangerous plan to reopen the California Coast to oil drilling.

Worse than we ever imagined, it’s a complete giveaway to Big Oil. In addition to making the California coast ground zero for new oil drilling, the plan guts environmental protections that have been hard-fought and won over decades. 

That’s why we’re joining with other State Senators to stop President Trump’s sell out to Big Oil. We introduced legislation yesterday that will prohibit any refining, loading or transporting of crude from any of President Trump’s proposed new oil rigs here on California soil.

That said, we desperately need your help with a huge deadline that is sneaking up on us. The U.S. Department of Interior will be hosting one Northern California public hearing about their giveaway to Big Oil and we want to flood them with comments on February 8.

Please go to right now and share your thoughts on the President’s plan. We will compile and put them into the public record at the hearing. This is just the first of many actions to protect our pristine coast – but it’s an important one.

We will keep you posted on our progress with the legislation, but we need you to take action and submit your comment today! It’s going to take all of us to win this fight and mark my words: We will never back down.

Thank you for standing up for our California coast and Golden State values.

Senator Mike McGuire

P.S. See for yourself how extensive and dangerous President Trump’s plan is – Here’s the official map opening up the entire west coast to drilling. We’ve added a few of Trump’s oil rigs to the map to show you what our new reality will look like for decades to come.

Help Mike stop President Trump's
plan to open our coast to oil drilling!

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