Making a difference in the world…one local woman at a time. Thank you Sarah Phillips

Bob Rawson, former Graton sewage wizard has lead a group of locals down to the Amazon in Ecuador for years to help clean up our oil companies messes and give the land back to indigenous folks to live and farm like they have for centuries. They use mushroom remediation and other techniques to remove toxins and restore the environment. They are doing the walk and we are so proud of our local heroes. Here is a spotlight one just one of our amazing people making the world a better place. In deep gratitude!

Sarah Phillips — Board Member

Sarah is a CoRenewal Board Member who received a degree in Environmental Studies & Planning: Restoration & Conservation with a minor in Biology from Sonoma State University in 2009. Soon after graduation, Sarah traveled to Ecuador with AMP (Amazon Mycorenewal Project) to help instruct students and volunteers on experimental design in addition to explore the vegetation among the oil pits in curiosity of the potential for phytoremediation. In daily practice, Sarah works as the Urban Streams Program Manager in Marin County and is charged to; facilitate streamlined permitting approaches to restoration, educate the public on the value of habitat rehabilitation, execute the implementation of restoration projects in the county and manage projects around salmonid habitat enhancement. Sarah has years of experience around fostering collaborative processes, grant writing, project management, volunteer recruitment and management, facilitation, public speaking, education, permit compliance and native plant nursery management. From California’s diverse ecosystems to Ecuador, Sarah is thrilled to assist and support habitat rehabilitation and community involvement every step of the way.

Sarah is a member of the Fundraising and Education and Outreach subcommittees.


CoRenewal’s Mission

CoRenewal is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education and research in ecosystem restoration, health and healing, and sustainable community dynamics. CoRenewal is organized exclusively to conduct these activities: facilitate research, development, and implementation of solutions supporting ecosystem resilience; evaluate and ameliorate the impacts of environmental quality on individual and community health; engage in education, career-building, and research-oriented programs pertaining to ecology and sustainable community development.

Our main focus is Amazon Mycorenewal Project, an effort to research and implement bioremediation strategies and support affected communities in the abandoned oil pits of Ecuador.

Strategy:  CoRenewal strives to fulfill its mission by assembling a team of experts in community development and bioremediation, the nature-based solutions to human caused pollution. These experts work closely with communities and local government to design, implement, and monitor sustainable projects. We empower communities with educational workshops. We facilitate partnerships between diverse groups, and support self-organization so that communities can implement their own solutions that will bring local economic, social and health benefits. Our work in the Sucumbios region of Ecuador is focused on research of effective, ecological and affordable methods of bioremediation of oil-contaminated soils, and sustainable mushroom cultivation.

Among CoRenewal’s strengths are its dedicated team of volunteers.  We have had over 86 people from 10 counties participate in our activities. These include scientists who have extensive knowledge of nature-based remediation technologies and their manufacturers, as well as an on-the-ground outreach team.

Major Accomplishments to Date:
·         Environmental Remediation: Implementation of bioremediation technology to reduce pollution in runoff from a municipal landfill
·         Research: Cultivation of edible and wild mushroom species in a local climate; Feasibility assessments of bioremediation technology implementation on a community scale
·         Education: Public and private workshops on mushroom cultivation, natural water filtration methods, bioremediation of contaminated soils using bacteria, fungi and plants, municipal waste treatment biotechnologies

Partners and contributors: Among CoRenewal’s allies are municipalities, universities, small businesses and nonprofit organizations, which each contribute an integral piece to the fulfillment of our mission.  Previously in Ecuador, we have collaborated with:
·         Domestic and international universities
·         Local municipalities and communities
·         Businesses and Nonprofit organizations