Pushing Back Pesticides, Dr. Ann Lopez and Barbara Bogard

Marin County has launched a “Pesticide Free Marin County” to continue their work. First they started an IPM (Integrated Pesticide Management) that lessens toxins and then in 2004 a precautionary code that went further.  As pesticide use climbs and so do health problems, communities are working together for healthy families.

Organize, target decision makers, have solutions and educate. No herbicides in the watershed slogan won a politician a place on the Board of Supervisors.  This is an election issue and people do care. See how their actions moved Marin forward. In 2018 glyphosate will not be used due to this active group.



Dr. Ann Lopez and Barbara Bogard talk about their experiences working on educational campaigns to get rid of pesticides. Learn about their strategies and tactics and …