Enough is enough

Enough is enough! 
Preserve Rural Sonoma County needs your help with our efforts to lobby the Board of Supervisors to stop approving more and more winery development, while delaying the Winery Event ordinance promised nearly 3 years ago (to put some reasonable regulations on this out of control industry).
We are launching a petition and email campaign to show them that the residents of this county and our quality of life must come before the interests of the wine industry.  Please take a moment to share the email below with your list so we can spread the word and show the board there is a groundswell of people opposed to MORE AND MORE wine industry development and environmental destruction.
Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word!
Dear Neighbor,

Worsening traffic, deteriorating road safety, three million pounds of toxic pesticides sprayed annually on vineyards. These are just a few of the issues that have put Sonoma County’s quality of life at risk.

Part of the problem is the rampant growth of the wine industry, which the county has consistently refused to regulate. Please take a few moments to help us preserve rural Sonoma County. Let the Board of Supervisors know we want them to STOP issuing permits for more winery event centers and tasting room modifications until they pass the Winery Event Ordinance they promised us back in 2016. 

Sonoma County’s General Plan projected 239 wineries by the year 2020. By 2014, over 439 wineries were approved, far exceeding the county’s projections and carrying capacity. And, now there are nearly 500 wineries—with more and more being approved in rural agricultural neighborhoods— impacting traffic, road safety, noise and water supplies, while intensifying the strain on county services, especially our CHP and Sheriff’s office.

In 2016, after years of pressure from the environmental community, the Board of Supervisors agreed to pass a Winery Event Ordinance to regulate events and hospitality countywide, with protective measures for areas that were already over-concentrated. Now, the County says we should wait until 2019 while they continue to approve more and more development, caving in to the wine industry’s relentless push for short term profits while ignoring residents’ rights.

Please take a few moments to help us preserve rural Sonoma County and let the Board know we want them to STOP issuing permits for more and more winery event centers and development until they pass the Winery Event Ordinance they promised us back in 2016. 

Please click here to sign our petition today.  Remind this Board of Supervisors that they were elected to represent and protect ALL residents, not just the special interests of the wine industry. After signing the petition, you can send an email form  (edit if you like) that will go to each Supervisor, sharing your concerns. 

We’ve made it easy for your voice to be heard – please take 2 minutes to help us protect the quality of life we came here (and stayed here) for!

We believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to balance economic growth with resource protection for the benefit of future generations. 

Thanks for your help!

Padi Selwyn, Co-chair, Neighbors to Preserve Rural Sonoma County