Forestville large winery proposed: PLP17-0054. Traffic is currently cumulatively significant

Note: this intersection has been the site of numerous accidents over the years. Adding more traffic without a full season traffic relevant study is derelict. Please comment to Ms. Daniel if you have concerns.

Dear Ms. McDaniel:

It has come to my attention that a large winery is proposed in Forestville on Trenton Road  near this dangerous intersection.  (Laguna, Trenton, and River, And Healdsburg Trenton Road).  Adding traffic to an already very hazardous situation would result in adverse impacts cumulatively and individually significant.  The steep hill adds to the traffic hazard and cannot be mitigated.

Speed limit is 55. But folks sometimes go faster.

These pictures and video clips represent pretty much  typical traffic at this complicated and well used intersection.   Sometimes, however the traffic is worse.

Will a controlled signal be required?  If so, this information must Noticed to the affected and interested public in order to properly receive information upon which to base a decision to approve or disapprove this project

Please add this and the  following photos and video clips to the administrative records in the his case.

Thank you.

K. Burr