“Sustainable” Sonoma?

Who would you trust to tell the truth, an industry group that sets up their own “certifiers” from the industry they are supposed to be certifying or real third party certifiers that have been professionals for decades? The “Sustainable Sonoma” signs you see all over the county are anything but. ”  Some of the worse pesticides used and banned in other countries are being used in our vineyards. Some of the bad offenders have “Sustainable Sonoma” signs proudly displayed.

California Sustainable Organic Biodynamic
Pesticide restrictions Very limited Extensive Same as organic
Enforcement Industry group National Organic Program (USDA) Demeter USA (nonprofit)
Self assessment Yes No – inspected No – inspected
Aspirational self assessment Yes No No
Transparency Limited Yes – audit trail, audited by NOP annually Yes – audit trail; accountable to Demeter International (in 44 countries
Political influence Yes Yes (animal welfare example) None