We stopped this water grab once. Let’s do it again.

Using enormous amounts of energy to move water around the state is not sustainable. Is this really a solution or just another bandage to a problem our politician’s don’t want to really address?  Australia required water storage on buildings and effective water conservation during their horrific drought. Stop flushing with potable water, water runoff storage projects in all locales and water catchment for citizens is sustainable.

From our friends at Food & Water Watch: action alert

A new version of the water tunnels project has emerged. It would be one of the biggest corporate water heists in California history, and residents LIKE YOU would have to pay for it!

Last year you helped us pressure Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles, and he listened to your concerns by opposing the $17 billion twin tunnels project. Now we need him to oppose a downgraded proposal to build one tunnel for $11 billion!

Call Mayor Garcetti at 888-793-4597 and tell him to fight for California by opposing the new version of this tunnel proposal — one tunnel is just as destructive as two and still too expensive!

Governor Brown, Big Agriculture interests and the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) are behind what they deceivingly call the “California Water Fix” project that you might know as the “Delta tunnels.” Corporate agriculture interests and wealthy water agencies would get the water — but YOU would get the bill.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has ambitions to run for statewide office in California or possibly even for president of the United States, and is a deciding voice on whether this rate and tax hike will affect all of California. 

Making a call is a simple act, but it has a big impact.1 Staffers will be tallying the calls they receive and reporting to your decision maker. Call Mayor Garcetti today. Here’s how:

1. Call 888-793-4597

2. Tell Garcetti’s office:

“Mayor Garcetti is a deciding voice on the disastrous tunnel proposal, and I am calling to urge him to do everything in his power to stop the latest version of this corporate water heist. As a resident of California, I know that Mayor Garcetti has ambitions to run for higher office, and this is his opportunity to show that he’s willing to fight for California against the greed of corporate interests.”

If residents are forced to pay billions for this project, our cities won’t be able to make local investments capable of producing new and reliable water sources for future generations of Californians.

The final vote to finance this tunnel project is on April 10 — just a few days away! Mayor Garcetti’s influence could stop this project if he takes a stand.

Take one minute to call Mayor Garcetti at 888-793-4597 and ​tell him that voters across California will remember if he doesn’t act NOW to stop the further privatization of our water!

Thank you for taking action,

Brenna Norton
Senior Organizer